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Meet the Editors

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Kirby Assaf

Meet Kirby (they/them), one of our Editors-in-Chief. They are a Senior English major focusing on writing here at Simmons. Kirby is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They love writing, Kurt Vonnegut, and playing video games in their spare time.

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Jane Donohue

Meet Jane (she/her), one of our Editors-in-Chief. She is a Senior with two majors, English and Communications, here at Simmons. Jane’s favorite authors are Ursula K. Le Guin and Carmen Maria Machado. When not reading, she can be found knitting or analyzing horror movies.

Prose Editor: Sara Getman

Meet Sara (she/her), our Prose Editor. Sara is majoring in English on the Literature track here at Simmons. Her favorite authors are Cassandra Clare and Toni Morison. In her free time, Sara loves to read romance novels, practice yoga, and go to museums.

Poetry Editor: Indigo Lawrence

Meet Indigo (she/they), our Poetry Editor. Indigo is a Junior majoring in Economics here at Simmons. Indigo is originally from Washington D.C. In their free time, Indigo loves to read Pablo Neruda and bake bread.

Layout Editor: Elena Stratoberdha

Meet Elena (she/her), our Layout Editor. Elena is a Junior English and Film Studies major. Elena is originally from Albania. She loves to read, paint, run, and watch movies.

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