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2019 Magazine

Sidelines Magazine 2019 Edition

Our 2019 magazine is definitely a favorite. Our guest artists was Imagine and our author was poet Amanda Lou Doster. The Editors are proud to present this beautiful issue we put together after months of hard work. Click the link down below to download the full magazine. We hope you enjoy!

Student work

Norregade by Charlette Zelz

Cover Art by Erin Buck

Revere Beach Shelter
Claire Bushee
Someone cut this sloping roof
crossing the grain to make the gable’s grooves
laid metal spikes on beams of steel blue
and lined the ceiling with knifing hair,
as if barn swallows will not wrap purple lint 
around the silver spines and collect matter over weeks at a time, stopping only to
squeak out: “ought to, ought to!”
There is an urge to populate the patio rafters and
protect their red, raw offspring
from the word “rain”

A Self Reflection by Kelsey Benedict
Kchimkazas by Alexandra Moleski

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