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Welcome Readers!

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What is Sidelines?

Sidelines Magazine is a Literary and Arts Magazine published at Simmons University. We are student run and only publish student work with the exception of guest artists and authors. We publish twice a year–once per semester.

Our submission process is simple and anonymous. Email us your work with your name removed and it will be added to our selection. We then go through submissions and pick our favorite ones. Only after all submissions have been chosen, names are revealed.

Anyone can join our group no matter major or skill. If
you enjoy art, poetry, or short stories, then we would be happy to have you!

Have further questions, want to join or want to submit?
Email us at

Editors Haley Rosenthal, Bridget Fong, and Sara Getman
Editors Kayla Safford, Paula Espinoza, and Sara Getman

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How do I Submit something?

Step 1

Work on your project! A good way to start is by taking one of Simmons’ many art, photography and writing classes so your work is being guided by a professor and peers.

Step 2

Submit your work! This is often the hardest part for any creator. What if my work isn’t good enough? What if it gets rejected? That’s ok! Not every piece is perfect, but you have to take that leap and submit or you’ll never know. You might be surprised! You can submit up to five pieces of work to

Step 3

Your work gets accepted! Now, grab your magazine and come to our launch party. Mingle with the guest artist and writer, talk to professors and peers, and read your piece for everyone to hear. Congratulations!

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